Paediatrician hits sweet spot with social media

21 Aug

KC Kids Doc   Dr Natasha celebrates her experience using social media here.  It is great to learn that her clinical practice has expanded with this, that her knowledge and skills are enhances and she feels less isolated as a doctor and mother.

UK General Practice marches to a different drum – there is no extra income from web presence.  A social media presence can create more work for beleaguered staff with no increase in practice revenue.  Keeping up to date and minimising professional isolation are likely to be common to UK and US doctors.

Nevertheless, her experience is salutory.  Not least to use as an argument to encourage reluctant colleagues to jump on board the social media train.  It is more than just inane comments about the weather and so forth.  Social media can be a force for good.  However, the NHS must evolve into a different organisation to make it worth the time for many UK doctors.

2 Responses to “Paediatrician hits sweet spot with social media”

  1. AnneMarie Cunningham August 21, 2011 at 01:26 #

    Do you want the NHS to evolve in to the kind of organisation that makes social media worthwhile for individual doctors? You’re absolutely right that the use of SoMe in the US is largely driven by marketing. We’re delighted in the UK if we know that patients can find good information through central sites that we have no connection with. We don’t feel the need to pour time in to the generation of content just to extend our ‘brand’.

    Incidentally I don’t see her make any mention of peer 2 peer social media so I’m intrigued by your comment about professional isolation.

  2. maturinuk August 21, 2011 at 08:14 #

    “I can get help for my patients across the country through online professional connections, and I have experts at my fingertips who can help me answer questions.” says Dr Natasha. This statement is evidence for my assertion that Dr Natasha feels social media minimises professional isolation. However, it is clear Dr Natasha does not use engage in conversations with her patients using social media. It is not clear if she uses social media to engage with colleagues.

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