Clarification from EFT Founder Gary Craig

21 Oct



I read with dismay Dawson Church’s comments in your 10/19/11 newsletter regarding EFT Universe trainings and their reliance on my work.  They were misleading on many fronts and thus I’m hoping you will print this response verbatim so the public will be properly informed.


He defines his Clinical EFT as “EFT just as founder Gary Craig taught it” from various sources.  This is false.  The curriculum is in the hands of many students and trainers and thus I have seen a recent version of it.  It adds some of his own concepts (with which I disagree) and dilutes some of mine while often skewing the ideas I taught.  In short, it is not as advertised and is being promoted in a way that seems like I am endorsing it.


Here are some quotes on this “endorsing” topic from my past emails to Dawson: 


(1) “Along these lines, some people have mistakenly assumed that I am endorsing the website, its certification program, etc.  This is not so.”

(2) “Anyone using my name as any kind of endorsement or support for their position, product, etc. is doing so erroneously and without my permission.” 

(3) “Accordingly, I will not name you or anyone else as “heir apparent.”” 

(4) “Further, any certification you choose to do should not use our program or represent that you are offering “official Gary Craig Training.”” 

(5) “I write because our efforts regarding my non-endorsement of your website and activities still need some work.  I continue to get feedback from EFT’ers that you and are giving the impression that I am actively behind the scenes influencing how EFT is promoted through”


The proper way for Dawson Church to portray his Clinical EFT is as follows:  “Clinical EFT is Dawson Church’s compilation of his EFT understandings from a variety of sources.  It is neither endorsed nor supported by EFT founder Gary Craig.”


Hope this clarifies matters.


With Great Respect, Gary

One Response to “Clarification from EFT Founder Gary Craig”

  1. EFT November 20, 2011 at 23:59 #

    Hi There Maturinuk,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a set of techniques that will help you raise your vibration and get clear. As you may know, the inner game of marketing and success is as important as knowing all the online marketing techniques that are out there. Whenever we get stuck, when ever we feel unhappy or unhealthy, our energy system is out of balance. The subtle natural energy flow is blocked, our vibration is low and we can’t seem to attract abundance and happiness into our lives.

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