Calibre ebook management & Dropbox

23 Sep


Today was a day of discovery. A discovery which looks to help with book management using the popular Calibre e-book management tool ( and file management across several (mobile) devices and the popular cloud service Dropbox ( ). I can now integrate these with my favourite ebook reader on Android, Aldiko ( )

Introducing dropsync ( which seems to be the answer to the prayers of many people trying to keep their cloud storage synchronised with their laptop, desktop and any other mobile devices. An amazing thing about this – it is Android only at the moment! For an extra £3.99 you can unlock the full functionality of this tool ( ).

Anyone who uses an ebook reader like the Kindle and Kobo should have Calibre on their desktop. Using dropbox on the desktop with dropsync permits 2 way real-time synchronisation with your work at home, work and on your mobile device. You have full control over the folders you wish to manage in this way.

For my ebooks, this provides a very efficient way of keeping your ebook readers synchronised (be warned this will use a lot of data on your mobile plan, so you should only sync on WiFi unless you are on an unlimited data plan. If you are like me the tablet is not always available, so it can be helpful to have the document (book) updated automatically on the phone. For aldiko, the books are saved to /sdcard/eBooks so this is the folder which is synchronised on Dropbox.

Keeping working documents synchronised is also straightforward with dropsync.

Calibre companion ( ) is a paid app (£1.99) which efficiently keeps your ebook library on your mobile device(s) up to date with your main Calibre ebook library. Just wirelessly connect the mobile device with your PC, tell Calibre companion where to store your ebooks (I chose the Aldiko ebook directory).

So one great program for Mac or Android to exploit cloud storage (dropbox), with two fabulous programs for android only at the moment to go further with real time synchronisation of any files/folders (Dropsync) and ebook management on your mobile devices (Calibre companion).

QR Codes

Calibre book management (Windows/android/Mac/Linux) (free)
Calibre companion (android) (£1.99)
Dropbox (android) (free)
Dropbox (windows) (free)
Dropbox (Mac) (free)
Dropsync (android) (free)
Dropsync Pro Key(android) (£3.99)
Aldiko ebook reader(android) (free) ($2.99 [in 2010])

2 Responses to “Calibre ebook management & Dropbox”

  1. Luke October 4, 2012 at 14:35 #

    Thanks for this article, but I got stuck trying to get my synced books to appear. How did you get the synced ebooks folder contents to show up in aldiko? I have dropsync putting the ebooks I have in dropbox in the sdcard/eBooks folder, but they aren’t visible in shelf view in aldiko. I know I can import them manually through aldiko’s import function, but that just creates duplicates of every folder and file, and it seems I would have to manually import every new ebook that gets synced to the eBooks folder too.

    • maturinuk October 4, 2012 at 17:30 #

      HI Luke

      Sorry you are having trouble.

      I sync my books to a different folder – sorry if did not make that clear.

      There are 2 issues – importing new books to Aldiko, and keeping books you are reading in sync. I do keep my books from Calibre on a external SD card

      First issue is easy – in file view go to the folder which Calibre companion uses to sync books with Calibre on PC and select IMPORT BOOKS. Aldiko will not import books you already have in library

      Second issue – also straightforward: I use dropsync to keep the ebook library on my tablet synchronised with that on my smartphone. I have not yet succeeded to properly keep read pages synchronised yet.

      I hope that helps.

      Good luck


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