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How will we design products for the Internet of Things?

14 Sep

With the developers and innovators struggling to understand social media, no wonder doctors and other professionals are stumbling into the future of mobile communications and social networks and personal/virtual learning environments.


As revolutionary as the mobile ecosystem is, it’s the interactions of more-intelligent connected devices with people outside the context of phones or computers that will drive more innovation, says Mark Rolston, the chief creative officer at Frog Design. Rolston, speaking at the Mobile Future Forward conference on Monday in Seattle described a future where devices become more contextually aware, thanks to embedded and connected sensors.

Instead of thinking about the buttons on a phone or a laptop, manufacturers and designers need to think about what will happen when computers are embedded in everything and connected all the time. Instead of computing’s being confined in a box on a desk or in the hand, computers will be everywhere, pulling data from a variety of places. Understanding how those computers will pull information about their environment, relay that data to users and then interpret what users want them to do creates a…

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