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15 Sep

Attending local hospital for fasting blood test is valuable experience for any doctor.This morning here I am waiting with my fellow patients to get bled.

In this place it is as if the world as healthy world knows it has been left behind.

A parallel world marching to a different drum. Outside traffic queues. Children are making their way to school. Here we all have ”issues”.

As far as the lady’s taking our blood are concerned we are little more than a vein to stab.

What a strange production line this is.

It is a far cry from the old-fashioned leeching of past centuries when the doctor was solely responsible for blood-letting.

The mystery of the body humours has been resolved now. However, I still think there remains in the mind of many that getting better depends on a blood-letting.

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27 Jul

Via Scoop.itOf human kindness
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